Learning events

Creative dialogue
‘You’re one of us’ an invitation to explore systemic practice with Marianne Franke-Gricksch
Johannesburg February 14-16 contact janet.goldblatt@eclfoundation.org


equip Peer Mentoring
Program scheduled 1st & 2nd March , Johannesburg – contact chris.charles@eclfoundation.org


Opening space copyOpening Space for Inspiration
Designed for young people nearing adulthood, Opening Space for Inspiration offers participants time, encouragement and resources to begin to enfold a sense of their own purpose and what it is that inspires them so they can find the foundations on which they can live life and work as a creative adventure.





Take2 copyTake2
Take2 is a systemic approach to holding difficult conversations and mediating conflict between individuals or organisation. Designed as a short training to develop and maintain the quality of contact, connection and communication when people are experiencing conflict, disagreements and disputes.





Dissolving Barriers copyDissolving Barriers to Learning
Dissolving Barriers to Learning (DBL) is a new resource that can help families and schools to work together to understand difficulties that children and young people are facing that is causing disruption and disengagement to learning.  The workshop is a one day event with further discussion to create an action plan to help effect change.




Enhancing Children’s Learning
More information to come

Breathing Space
More information to come

Parenting Circles
More information to come

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Our Breakthrough Question:

How can we release the inherent creativity and desire to learn of our children and young people - and help them flourish in a future filled with so many unknowns?