Rowena Mould Hub Director ecl Namibia

Rowena, as the founder of ecl Namibia, has been networking and collaborating with others to create ideas for building better learning environments. She is passionate about developing stronger cohesion within families and schools to develop a stable, emotionally well-balanced, creative youth in Namibia.

Rowena is co-developing a framework for the training of facilitators with the goal of taking ecl to grass roots level in all sectors of Namibian society. Currently she is central to the development of ‘BreathingSpace’ as a suite of resources to help parents, teachers, carers, children and young people to better understand their roles and develop healthy relationships. This ties in well with her current work as an internationally trained (Constellations Africa), systemic facilitator leading both individual and group sessions. Rowena continues to broaden her systemic knowledge and skills through regularly attending programmes in England, Germany and the USA.

Extensive experience as business and financial coordinator in a dynamic and busy architectural practice in Windhoek, has equipped her with skills to successfully initiate and organise ecl as a new educational initiative in Namibia. Not surprisingly, from these roots, she is initiating an enquiry into spaces and environments that are more conducive to learning and more culturally sensitive to needs. It has also enabled her to build a network of relationships with a range of recognised international specialists bring a variety of cutting edge ideas to the country.

As a parent and grandmother, Rowena brings experience of caring and developing children and young people. Her trainings in both Non-Violent Communication and Kinesiology sparked her interest and passion for working with people to help them put aside their fears, anxieties, judgement and criticisms and work in a more generative way. Andnowthroughecl,enablingparents,childrenandyoungpeopletofindthe space and clarity to see the bigger picture and act from that place is a dream come true.

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