Jane Reed Catalyst ecl United Kingdom

Jane is a core ecl catalyst, who works as a writer, lecturer, consultant and coach. She has a major interest in creativity, innovation and evolution; in the development of learning, curriculum and as a driver of school improvement. It is a part that often lacks priority in busy schools!

Jane’s main expertise is in making the connections between pedagogy, professional learning, school leadership and change. In particular, she brings a systemic perspective to her work in schools and as a visiting fellow at London Institute of Education, using it to find ways to be more adventurous. She has recently published a book called ‘The Adventurous School’ based on research with three primary schools in Brent, Somerset and Oldham.

Jane’s background is a classroom practitioner, teacher educator, senior LA inspector and academic. She worked as a researcher and lecturer at The Institute of Education in London since 1994. From 2005-10 she was head of their International Network for School Improvement at and is now a visiting fellow. She has also been working on the Sustainable Schools leadership research project for The National College of School Leadership.

Jane is passionate about the development and use of systemic coaching as a tool for staff development. She is also working on the SparkCatcher programme that helps leadership teams launch and run innovation projects in their organisations.

To contact Email: jane.reed@eclfoundation.org
Mobile: + 44 (0) 79 56 40 97 63