Chris Charles Hub Director ecl United Kingdom

Chris is a core ecl catalyst delivering consultancy services around behaviour management and in particular specialising in ‘equip’ mentoring, take2 and Dissolving Barriers to Learning processes. Part of her management role is the development and hosting of the ecl websites. She is also the main contact point for eclEngland. Current projects include the development of ‘equip’ peer mentoring and working with the University of Arnhem and Nijmegen on their research into innovation in school settings.

With an involvement in education for over 16 years, Chris is a specialist in behaviour and inclusion. Her most recent role as Inclusion Manager at Ralph Allen School Bath has enabled her to develop systemic and innovative ways of working with some of the most vulnerable students including looked after children. Prior to that she was with Wiltshire Council Behaviour support team, as well as a NPSLBA trainer for Bath & North East Somerset.

Her passion is to help education transform to give better outcomes for all and be more meaningful so that students are equipped for the ever changing world we live in. The question she holds is how to find ways of reaching the most vulnerable in our schools. Chris finds creative expression through photography working with colour, patterns nature and natural forms. She regularly exhibits her work in Arts trails.

To contact Email:
Mobile: + 44 (0) 77 47 51 15