Caroline Dixon Catalyst ecl United Kingdom

Caroline is a teacher with over fifteen years experience in both primary and secondary schools in the UK. She began using a systemic perspective in her teaching after participating in the Department of Education (DfE funded ‘enhancing children’s learning’ research project in 2006. Now an ecl catalyst, her focus remains on finding new ways to enhance and maintain the well-being of children and young people – and in turn the teachers and other adults who support them – so they are ready and eager to learn.

As a principal designer of a number of ecl tools, she currently leads the project to develop a new tool called Ubuntu. It is used to help children see and feel their relative places within their class or interest groups. She is also a member of the Breathing Space team developing systemic approaches for parents to build and maintain healthy and harmonious relationships within families.

Caroline began her career as a secondary school teacher of Art and Design in London. She brought her creative talent to primary school teaching ten years ago and in that time has taught all years from four year olds in Reception to eleven year olds in Year 6. For over two years, as her school’s PSHE co-ordinator, she participated as a classroom practitioner on a Department of Education/ecl research and innovation project developing a range of tools and exercises such as Stilling, Place People and the Feelings Thermometer to help children feel calm and confident so they can achieve in the best way they can. Since then, Caroline has continued to develop her practise of using these resources, adapting them to the needs of the range of children she has taught.

Recognising the pressure that teachers experience in the daily practice, she wants to find ways to breathe a creative space in the forever changing and complex classroom environment. She sees, and has personally experienced, how such pressures result in teachers struggle to implement new incentives properly, whilst attempting to tick so many boxes. Her passion is to be creative and colourful with ecl resources so teachers and carers can work to prevent issues and problems arising, and when they do deal effectively with them.

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