Anna Jacobs Catalyst ecl United Kingdom

Anna is an ecl associate catalyst who specialises in emotional and psychological growth, mindfulness and creativity.  Her work over the last thirty years has centred on enabling individuals and groups, particularly children, young people, their families and their teachers, to find healing, transformation, connection and empowerment.  As a trained creative arts and play therapist who has pioneered services within bereavement and palliative care, worked within the foster and adoption care system, and helped develop charities to support children and families, she profoundly believes that young people within our education system can utilise creativity to access their own potential with the right tools.

Anna is a specialist in grief and loss, with a series of books and therapeutic stories published by Hinton House.  She offers training and expertise in this area to a range of professionals, and within ecl.  She is also dedicated to creative growth, and the use of the arts and play for discovery and innovation.  She has established and coordinated two services for children and families within palliative and cancercare, and been instrumental in setting up two charities for supportive care, HomeStart and a Children’s Centre.  Her work currently includes offering consultancy, training and mentoring to schools, foster agencies, cancer care agencies and others.

Anna’s first degree was in Education and English Literature, from Oxford Brookes University, and she has retained and developed this link to education and creativity over more than three decades.  As a counsellor, creative arts and play therapist, supervisor and group facilitator, she has worked closely with schools over many years.  Her aim has always been to inspire systems and the teachers who work within them to enable and support children and young people so that traumatic life experiences can become transformational events and lives can be changed positively. Systemic thinking, that we are all connected, and that we work and live best when feeling that connection and coming together to share within our communities, underpins all her work.

She believes education is for life and never stops learning!  She has continued to learn about the power of play and the arts for fundamental change and growth, and believes that these are at the heart of each person’s ability to learn and grow. In her spare time, she can be found scribbling her thoughts on paper, or drawing in a notepad, if not walking in nature or having fun playing with her friends or family.

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