Comments are short reflective essays, where practitioners reflect from a systemic point of view on themes that occur in their educational practice.


Starting SchoolStarting School – A Major Transition
How can we as teachers and parents ensure the very best start for our children? A head teacher reflects on how a systemic perspective has brought her a greater understanding of the demands that a young child faces when transitioning from the family system to the school system.




New BeginningsNew Beginnings
In a funny, sensitive essay a head teacher reflects on the possibility of fresh beginnings that each new term brings.





Gangs and CultureGangs and Teenage Culture
A head teacher reflects on the strange and complicated transition of teenagerhood.





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Whether you are here searching for something new in education and care, or have stumbled across this website by chance, we welcome you. The purpose of and information on this website is generated by one simple yet profound question:


How can we release the inherent creativity and desire to learn of our children and young people - and help them flourish in a future filled with so many unknowns?


On this quest to find innovative answers, the insights and ideas generated along the way offer a rich resource to transform educational theory and practice.


"Our world is limited because it is determinedby our interpretation, which inevitably excludes everything we are not able to see or understand."

Doug Silsbee (2008)