About ecl



The eclfoundation works hand in hand with schools and communities to enable teachers, leaders, carers and parents to create learning environments in which children and young people can flourish. Our research and practice shows that great education pays attention to three aspects: emotional well-being, creativity and learning. Working in this way we touch not just the children, but the whole community, ‘there is tangible evidence that through its systemic approach with and through parents and the community that the community itself is being transformed in a positive way’ (UK government IQ report).




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Our Breakthrough Question:

How can we release the inherent creativity and desire to learn of our children and young people - and help them flourish in a future filled with so many unknowns?



So the question,"What kind of education for what kind of world?" should force us to think well beyond the immediate present and see the long-term implications of our actions.

John Abbott (2010)